Getting Piano Lessons for the Twins

So I decided to get my twin boys! At least I will get 2 of them to start taking lessons and maybe one of them will actually enjoy playing it. Investing in a piano is quite a purchase so instead of buying a new piano, we decided to go the good old fashion way and go hunting on Craigs List.

The best piano I could find in Dallas was this really nice antique piano, which played beautiful. We had it delivered by Piano Movers HQ in Dallas, who did an amazing job getting into the house without any damages. Also their rates were great and really affordable. They don’t actually provide tuning services but recommended we wait 2 weeks before we call a piano tuner so the piano can get acclimated to the new environment. Who would have thought?

Anyways, I’ll have to keep you updated on how the piano lessons go but I’m pretty excited.

Think these boys can learn the piano? I hope they can just sit long enough to start practicing scales or something. Tiger mom, here I come!


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