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It is not easy to raise children whether you are a first- time parent or raising your fifth. It always gives different challenges and happy moments that makes parenthood exciting and rewarding. There are a lot of different ways on how we can handle our children and how we can raise them well.

parentsWhile there are different ways on how we can raise our children, not all of them are effective for every child. One children might find spanking acceptable once the reason is explained and it is also possible that one child might take it against his parents even though the reason is thoroughly explained to him.

With all the different styles on how we can raise our children, we have compiled the best advices from fellow parents on how they handled their children’s developing years. Check the list below and you might find yourself learning a thing or two on how you can raise your children in the most effective way.

Don’t be afraid to be affectionate. Express your love for your children in different ways so they will be comfortable in sharing their feelings and showing their affection as well even though they are on their teenage or young adult years. It gives way for an open communication and will help in bridging generation gap.

Saying you are sorry is not a bad thing. It teaches your child the importance of accountability, humility and honesty. So the next time they have done something wrong, they will not hesitate to admit their mistakes and learn from it.

Teach them responsibility and sense of independence. Small chores for your children when they are old enough will be good for them to learn about taking simple responsibilities around the house. Also, letting them to do things around the home can give them the sense of independence that they can do something on their own.keepcalm

Give your children specific rules regarding the things that you want or do not want them to do. You can discuss about the consequences of hurting someone else or not saying the truth. This will give your children the full understanding of the things that he should or should not do to avoid confusion as to why you’re punishing him for something he does not understand.

Don’t yell and avoid bad- mouthing because your children might pick it up as they grow old. They might think that this is a normal thing and stay with them as they grow old. Teaching by example is the most effective way to instill this trait and value.

Praise their good deed. This is also part of parenting as they will always remember that they can get noticed not only by doing bad actions but much better when they are doing great. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘great job’ when they have done something right or corrected the things that they have wronged will greatly reinforce the doing of good deeds.

While all of these are pretty basic, these are part of the fundamental traits that we can plant on our children early on.

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Debunking Common Myths about Twins

Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Launch New Apparel Line - February 19, 2006 Luna Park Sydney, NSW Australia February 19, 2006 Photo by Gaye Gerard/ To license this image (7605674), contact WireImage: U.S. +1-212-686-8900 / U.K. +44-207-868-8940 / Australia +61-2-8262-9222 / Germany +49-40-320-05521 / Japan: +81-3-5464-7020 +1 212-686-8901 (fax) (e-mail) (web site)

It’s long been believed by others that twins have special kind of connection that allows them to communicate in an unusual way. Also, it is sometimes believed that they can also feel each other’s pain. There are a lot of myths about twins but which of these are actually true? Let’s talk about these myths and see if these are true.

Myth 1: Twins have extrasensory perception or ESP

This myth is believed as most twins are closer with each other compared to single- child siblings. However, while it is true that twins have some kind of understanding in a lot of things, they cannot really read each other’s mind through ESP. I tried to prove that this could really happen with my own twins but as it turned out, they are no different with any other siblings who just as clueless as they are. If you want to know something about one of the twins, there’s no harm in just simply asking.

Myth 2: Twins are great partners especially in school.

Well, this might be possible but not in all cases. Twins have different learning curve and one can learn faster or slower than the other. Also, they both have different studying habits that can be annoying to one another. Lastly, if they can learn at the same pace, the risk of them procrastinating and just goofing around while studying is also high but if they can work together and study better, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Myth 3: They can feel the pain of one another

Feeling each other’s pain? I don’t think so but causing it? Definitely, yes. I think it’s one of the main purpose of having a twin or a sibling. Both of them enjoy teasing each other but don’t get me wrong. I’m not encouraging my twins to hurt each other for fun but sometimes it’s their way of showing their love to their co- twin. As long as it’s all fun and games, then we don’t have any problem with a little bit of twin love.

twinmythsMyth 4: They have complete different characters.

This happens to some twins but there are also cases where twins have somehow the same personalities and only some aspects of their characters differ from each other. The twins both can be social but one is doing better in academics while the other excels in sports.

There are other things that people think about twins while others know for certain because they are part of a twin pair or have twin children. While it’s fun to think that twins have special kind of connection, we can safely say that all siblings have it too.

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How to Survive the Chaotic First Year of Raising Twins

twinclothesIt’s not easy having a baby even more so, having twins. It’s twice the effort, time and resources in raising the children. Others might give you a lot of advice and tips from people they know that have twins but it’s better to listen to people who actually have twins.

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when you learn that there are two (or more) babies on the way. We know that it’s hard and sometimes scary but never forget to take it easy and take one baby step at a time. We’ll share to you some of the practical tips that we have learned in raising our own set of twins and how we survived the first chaotic year.

  1. Don’t get surprised if after birth, your babies will be left in the hospital for a week after you have been discharged. This usually happens as doctors want to make sure that both babies will be fine and healthy once they got released and taken home. Also, savor each day your children are still in the hospital. Sleep and eat as much as you can because you won’t get much after you have taken them home.
  2. It’s safe to buy two of everything for your children. This is also a prevention of possible conflict between the two when the first wants the same toy of another.
  3. Stock up on diapers. You’re going to need a lot. A lot.
  4. Be prepared to lose all your life’s savings. It hurts, we know.
  5. If your twins are identical, use all your strength to keep yourself from comparing them with each other. Just because one of the twins pulled your hair while soothing them after a meal, it doesn’t mean that he or she’s the feisty one.
  6. As much as possible, don’t refuse any help being offered to you even if it’s just as simple as taking out the trash or fixing a meal for you. Those people are your guardian angels.
  7. Unless you can nurse both of your child simultaneously, invest in a good quality breast pump and feeding bottles and if possible, try to keep them in a schedule so you’ll be able to feed two birds with one stone.
  8. Don’t feel bad if you can’t tell them apart especially when they are still very young, like newborns, that they still don’t have unique features or characteristics to differentiate them. I even call them with my spouse’s name. Don’t worry.
  9. Never ever compare your parenting style or technique with other parents. It doesn’t matter if you’re raising one or five, parenting is hard.
  10. Gather all your courage not to cry yourself to sleep every night. It’ll get better. Someday.

Raising twins or any child is a whirlwind and even though you are being pushed to the wall, don’t throw in the white towel just yet. It may be hard but when you see your children’s smiles and hear their laughs, you’ll forget all the hardships that you’ve experienced. When you see a dirty diaper smeared on your carpet, pray hard it’s just chocolate.

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Getting Piano Lessons for the Twins

So I decided to get my twin boys! At least I will get 2 of them to start taking lessons and maybe one of them will actually enjoy playing it. Investing in a piano is quite a purchase so instead of buying a new piano, we decided to go the good old fashion way and go hunting on Craigs List.

The best piano I could find in Dallas was this really nice antique piano, which played beautiful. We had it delivered by Piano Movers HQ in Dallas, who did an amazing job getting into the house without any damages. Also their rates were great and really affordable. They don’t actually provide tuning services but recommended we wait 2 weeks before we call a piano tuner so the piano can get acclimated to the new environment. Who would have thought?

Anyways, I’ll have to keep you updated on how the piano lessons go but I’m pretty excited.

Think these boys can learn the piano? I hope they can just sit long enough to start practicing scales or something. Tiger mom, here I come!


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