Debunking Common Myths about Twins

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It’s long been believed by others that twins have special kind of connection that allows them to communicate in an unusual way. Also, it is sometimes believed that they can also feel each other’s pain. There are a lot of myths about twins but which of these are actually true? Let’s talk about these myths and see if these are true.

Myth 1: Twins have extrasensory perception or ESP

This myth is believed as most twins are closer with each other compared to single- child siblings. However, while it is true that twins have some kind of understanding in a lot of things, they cannot really read each other’s mind through ESP. I tried to prove that this could really happen with my own twins but as it turned out, they are no different with any other siblings who just as clueless as they are. If you want to know something about one of the twins, there’s no harm in just simply asking.

Myth 2: Twins are great partners especially in school.

Well, this might be possible but not in all cases. Twins have different learning curve and one can learn faster or slower than the other. Also, they both have different studying habits that can be annoying to one another. Lastly, if they can learn at the same pace, the risk of them procrastinating and just goofing around while studying is also high but if they can work together and study better, you’ve hit the jackpot.

Myth 3: They can feel the pain of one another

Feeling each other’s pain? I don’t think so but causing it? Definitely, yes. I think it’s one of the main purpose of having a twin or a sibling. Both of them enjoy teasing each other but don’t get me wrong. I’m not encouraging my twins to hurt each other for fun but sometimes it’s their way of showing their love to their co- twin. As long as it’s all fun and games, then we don’t have any problem with a little bit of twin love.

twinmythsMyth 4: They have complete different characters.

This happens to some twins but there are also cases where twins have somehow the same personalities and only some aspects of their characters differ from each other. The twins both can be social but one is doing better in academics while the other excels in sports.

There are other things that people think about twins while others know for certain because they are part of a twin pair or have twin children. While it’s fun to think that twins have special kind of connection, we can safely say that all siblings have it too.

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January 2022

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