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It is not easy to raise children whether you are a first- time parent or raising your fifth. It always gives different challenges and happy moments that makes parenthood exciting and rewarding. There are a lot of different ways on how we can handle our children and how we can raise them well.

parentsWhile there are different ways on how we can raise our children, not all of them are effective for every child. One children might find spanking acceptable once the reason is explained and it is also possible that one child might take it against his parents even though the reason is thoroughly explained to him.

With all the different styles on how we can raise our children, we have compiled the best advices from fellow parents on how they handled their children’s developing years. Check the list below and you might find yourself learning a thing or two on how you can raise your children in the most effective way.

Don’t be afraid to be affectionate. Express your love for your children in different ways so they will be comfortable in sharing their feelings and showing their affection as well even though they are on their teenage or young adult years. It gives way for an open communication and will help in bridging generation gap.

Saying you are sorry is not a bad thing. It teaches your child the importance of accountability, humility and honesty. So the next time they have done something wrong, they will not hesitate to admit their mistakes and learn from it.

Teach them responsibility and sense of independence. Small chores for your children when they are old enough will be good for them to learn about taking simple responsibilities around the house. Also, letting them to do things around the home can give them the sense of independence that they can do something on their own.keepcalm

Give your children specific rules regarding the things that you want or do not want them to do. You can discuss about the consequences of hurting someone else or not saying the truth. This will give your children the full understanding of the things that he should or should not do to avoid confusion as to why you’re punishing him for something he does not understand.

Don’t yell and avoid bad- mouthing because your children might pick it up as they grow old. They might think that this is a normal thing and stay with them as they grow old. Teaching by example is the most effective way to instill this trait and value.

Praise their good deed. This is also part of parenting as they will always remember that they can get noticed not only by doing bad actions but much better when they are doing great. A simple ‘thank you’ or ‘great job’ when they have done something right or corrected the things that they have wronged will greatly reinforce the doing of good deeds.

While all of these are pretty basic, these are part of the fundamental traits that we can plant on our children early on.

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November 2021

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