How to Survive the Chaotic First Year of Raising Twins

twinclothesIt’s not easy having a baby even more so, having twins. It’s twice the effort, time and resources in raising the children. Others might give you a lot of advice and tips from people they know that have twins but it’s better to listen to people who actually have twins.

There are a lot of things that you need to consider when you learn that there are two (or more) babies on the way. We know that it’s hard and sometimes scary but never forget to take it easy and take one baby step at a time. We’ll share to you some of the practical tips that we have learned in raising our own set of twins and how we survived the first chaotic year.

  1. Don’t get surprised if after birth, your babies will be left in the hospital for a week after you have been discharged. This usually happens as doctors want to make sure that both babies will be fine and healthy once they got released and taken home. Also, savor each day your children are still in the hospital. Sleep and eat as much as you can because you won’t get much after you have taken them home.
  2. It’s safe to buy two of everything for your children. This is also a prevention of possible conflict between the two when the first wants the same toy of another.
  3. Stock up on diapers. You’re going to need a lot. A lot.
  4. Be prepared to lose all your life’s savings. It hurts, we know.
  5. If your twins are identical, use all your strength to keep yourself from comparing them with each other. Just because one of the twins pulled your hair while soothing them after a meal, it doesn’t mean that he or she’s the feisty one.
  6. As much as possible, don’t refuse any help being offered to you even if it’s just as simple as taking out the trash or fixing a meal for you. Those people are your guardian angels.
  7. Unless you can nurse both of your child simultaneously, invest in a good quality breast pump and feeding bottles and if possible, try to keep them in a schedule so you’ll be able to feed two birds with one stone.
  8. Don’t feel bad if you can’t tell them apart especially when they are still very young, like newborns, that they still don’t have unique features or characteristics to differentiate them. I even call them with my spouse’s name. Don’t worry.
  9. Never ever compare your parenting style or technique with other parents. It doesn’t matter if you’re raising one or five, parenting is hard.
  10. Gather all your courage not to cry yourself to sleep every night. It’ll get better. Someday.

Raising twins or any child is a whirlwind and even though you are being pushed to the wall, don’t throw in the white towel just yet. It may be hard but when you see your children’s smiles and hear their laughs, you’ll forget all the hardships that you’ve experienced. When you see a dirty diaper smeared on your carpet, pray hard it’s just chocolate.

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January 2022

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